1) Общая лексика: социальная ответственность (стандарт SA 8000 'Social Accountability')
2) Компьютерная техника: Scalable Architecture, Set Attribute, Shutdown Acknowledged
3) Геология: Спектральный анализ (Spectral analysis)
4) Медицина: sacrum anterior, serum albumin (концентрация альбумина в сыворотке крови)
5) Американизм: Set Aside, Special Application, Support Administration
6) Спорт: Sets Against
7) Военный термин: Logistics Staff Officer, Secretary of the Army, Security Administrator, Seventh Army, Situation Analysis, Situation Awareness, Situational Awareness (4) Signals Analysis, South Australian, Space Applications, Special Act, Springfield armory, Stand Alone, Surprise Attack, Systems Administrator, Systems Architecture, safety analysis, scientific adviser, security assistance, selected ammunition, semiactive, senior adviser, service action, service adviser, service arm, servo assembly, ship-to-aircraft, shipping authority, signal analysis, signal analyzer, signature analysis, simple alert, single-action, site activation, slow-acting, small arms, snap-action, special actions, special agent, special area, special assignment, special assistant, specific activity, spectrum analysis, staging area, standby altimeter, storage area, subassembly, subject to approval, subsistence allowance, substitution authorization, supervisory authority, supplemental agreement, supply agency, supply area, support agency, supporting arms, surface area, surface attack, surface-to-air, system approach, systems analysis, used to identify FSU Surface-to-Air Missiles, e.g., SA-7/GRAIL
9) Сельское хозяйство: Sustainable Agriculture
10) Химия: Silver Azide
11) Математика: анализ систем (systems analysis), самосопряжённый (self-adjoint), сигнатурный анализ (signature analysis), системный подход (systems approach)
12) Религия: Supreme Allah
13) Железнодорожный термин: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
14) Юридический термин: Side Arm
15) Экономика: societe anonima
16) Грубое выражение: Sex Angle, Sexy Adventures, Sore Arse
17) Металлургия: Submerged Arc
18) Телекоммуникации: Source Address, Subarea
19) Сокращение: Arsine (Chemical warfare blood agent), Salvation Army, Sanskrit, Saturday, Saudi Arabia (NATO country code), Scientific Adviser (UK), Seaman Apprentice, Securities Act, Selective Availability (GPS), Selective Availability, Service Assistant, Situational Awareness, Sociedad Anonima (Spain, Venezuela), Sociedada Anonima (Portugal), Sociedade Anonima (Brazil), Societe Anonyme (Belgium, France, Greece, Switzerland), South Africa, South African, South America, South Australia, Swept Audio, sail area, sex appeal, shaft alley, spectrum analyzer, stress anneal, sinoatrial, Sexaholics Anonymous (a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to stop lusting and become sexually sober), Anonyme (French company designation), Bureau of South Asian Affairs (US Department of State), Franciscan Friars of the Atonement (religious order), Sachsen, Safety and Arming, Sahitya Akademi (National Academy of Letters; India), Salary Adjustment, Sale Agreement, Salerno, Campania (Italian province), Sales Associate (real estate), Salta (Argentina province), Sample Analysis, Samtö, Samus Aran (Metroid character), San Andreas (video game), San Antonio, Sandia Apparatus, Sanofi Aventis (pharmaceutical company), Santa Ana (California), Sarajevo (auto registration for Sarajevo, Bosnia), Saskatchewan, Saturable Absorber, Saudi Arabia, Save (assembly language ASM51 assembler control), Say, Say Again (logging abbreviation), Scientific Advisor, Scientific American, Scientific-Atlanta (US satellite communications company), Scout Association, Scouting Association (UK), Scrambled Americans (video production company), Search and Attack, Seasonally Adjusted, Secret Admirer, Section Adaptation, Security Administration, Security Architecture, Security Association (IPSec), Security Authority, Security Awareness, See Also, Seismic Acoustics, Selection Authority, Self Aligned, Self Assessment, Senior Advisor, Sensor Assembly, Server Administrator, Service Advisor, Service Agent, Service Application, Service Appointment, Service Area, Service Assurance, Service Availability, Service-Affecting, Services Administrator (IRC operator), Services and Agencies, Setup Acknowledge (ITU-T), Sewickley Academy (Pennsylvania), Sexaholics Anonymous, Inc., Sexual Assault, Sexually Active, Shadow Alliance (gaming clan), Shared Area, Sheezyart (website), Shipping Authorization, Shipwright Apprentice, Short Abstract (abstracting & indexing), Short Acronym, Show Assistant, Shredder Afval (Dutch: shredder garbage), SicherheitsAbteilung (German: Safety Department), Side Angle (geometry), Significant Accomplishments, Simulated Annealing, Simulation and Analysis, Sine Anno (Latin: Without Date), Singapore Artillery, Single Access, Single Action (revolver), Single Adult, Single Aisle (aircraft), Single Award, Sinus Arrhythmia, Sir Aaron (Pokemon), Situation Assessment, Situation(al) Awareness, Situational Analysis, Sleep Apnea, Slowly Adapting Fiber (In Skin), Smart Alec, Smart Ass, Smoothing Algorithm, Sneak Attack (gaming), Sniper Assist (gaming, Starcraft), Socié, Social Accountability, Social Actions, Social Anxiety, Socialist Appeal, Sociedad Anó, Sociedade Anó, Society of the Atonement, Software Architecture, Solar Array, Solutions Architect, Something Awful (humor webpage), Something's Awful (website), Son Altesse (French: His/Her Highness), Sonata Arctica (band), Sonic Advance (video game), Sonic Adventure (game), Sound Attenuation, Source Address (IEEE 802.3), Source-Active (Cisco), Sourcing Analyst, South African Airways (IATA airline code), South Asia, Space Academy, Space Ace (video game), Space Available (airline travel), Spaced Antenna, Spare Allocation, Special Access, Special Action, Specialist Association (stock market exchanges), Spectral Acceleration (seismology), Spherical Array, Spinal Anesthesia, Spiral Acquisition, Spirited Away (Japanese anime movie), Splenic Artery, Spooksoliy Ara^nkas, Spring Awakening (musical), Springfield (Massachusetts) Armory (closed), Stabsarzt (German military), Stachowski Alpacas, Staging Activity, Standardised Approach, Standards Australia, Standby Air, State Annex (department of state building), Station Actual, Status Asthmaticus, Stealth Assassin (gaming), Stent Area, Stochastic Approximation, Storage Allocator, Stores Accountant, Storm Afdeling, Strategic Attack, Stroke Association, Structured Analysis (software engineering), Student Ambassadors, Student Assistant, Student Association, Studies and Analysis, Stuffed Animal, Stupid Ass, Stьrmabteilung (German: stormtroopers; paramilitary organization of Nazi Party), Sua Altezza (Italian: Her/His Majesty), Sub-Address (ISDN), Subscriber Access, Substance Abuse, Subsystem(s) Analysis, Suffield Academy (Suffield, Connecticut), Sugar Association, Sum Assured, Summa (Latin: sum), Sunshine Act, Suomen Armeija (Army of Finland), SuperAmerica, Superachromat (tele-photo lenses made by Carl Zeiss), Supervising Authority, Supplemental Appropriation, Supplemental Assembly, Supply Air (HVAC), Support Acquisition, Supportability Analysis, Supras Auteuil, Surveillance Area, Sustainable America, Swansea (postal code for Swansea, Wales), Swiss Army, Switch Arbiter, Syllabic Abbreviation, Symbolic Analysis, System Abort, System Administration, System Administrator, System Analysis, System Architecture, System Assessment, fsins (Iceland), k Atvinnulí, nima (Spanish company designation), short answer, té, Shareholders Agreement
20) Университет: Sophomore Advisor, Special Activities, Strongly Agree, Student Administration, Study Abroad, Summer Absenteeism
21) Физиология: Short Acting
22) Электроника: Sampling Actuation, Socket A, Structured Audio
23) Вычислительная техника: Storage Array, Systems Analyst, sense amplifier, smart applet, Spare Area (CD-MRW, DA), Software Assurance (MS), Source (MAC) Address (SNA, Token Ring, ATM, FDDI)
24) Нефть: south addition
25) Генетика: streptavidin, стрептавидин
26) Офтальмология: (Spherical Aberration) Сферическая аберрация
27) Банковское дело: Закон о ценных бумагах (США, 1933 г.; Securities Act)
28) Транспорт: Shipyard Agreement, Slow Away
29) Пищевая промышленность: Special Ale
30) Фирменный знак: Samso
31) Экология: sludge age
32) Деловая лексика: Services Administration
33) Образование: State Agency, Student Apathy
34) Сетевые технологии: Security Association, Server Address, администратор системы, адрес отправителя
35) ЕБРР: С учётом сезонных изменений (Seasonally adjusted), special account
37) Программирование: Set Access, Shift Amount, Starting Address
38) Автоматика: start of action
39) Сахалин Р: Sakhalin Administration
40) Океанография: Simple- Adjoint, Supplied Air
41) Химическое оружие: Safety assessment, summary account
42) Макаров: standard atmosphere
43) Безопасность: Security Advisory
44) Электротехника: security analysis, stability area
45) Имена и фамилии: Stanley Arthur
46) Майкрософт: сопоставление безопасности
47) Общественная организация: Scholarship America
48) Должность: Shopping Assistant
49) Чат: Sibling Alert
50) Правительство: Santa Ana, California
52) Программное обеспечение: Scripting Additions, Search Algorithm, Special Applications, Sql Administrator
53) Федеральное бюро расследований: San Antonio Field Office
54) AMEX. Stage II Apparel Corporation

Универсальный англо-русский словарь. . 2011.

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